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        Equipment Usage of Stainless Steel Wine Tanks: Stainless steel wine storage tanks are widely used in brewing, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, etc.20221126121005176.jpg


        1、 Overview of stainless steel wine storage tank products:


        All welds inside and outside the stainless steel wine storage tank container are polished, pickled, and passivated to meet the national food hygiene level standards. Tank products have advantages such as beautiful appearance, hygiene and cleanliness, light weight, low cost, and simple safety.


        2、 Classification of stainless steel wine storage tanks:


        Distilleries generally use stainless steel liquor storage tanks to store Baijiu. There are generally two types of base liquor, with ceramic jars, wooden seas, bamboo seas, etc. used when the quantity is small, and stainless steel used when the quantity is large


        Stainless steel is a food grade thin-walled tank, and the storage time is arranged by the enterprise. New base liquor is generally stored after 1 year without any safety hazards. (Excluding fire and explosion prevention)


        3、 Features of stainless steel wine storage tanks:


        The stainless steel wine storage tank has good sealing performance; Sealed design * prevents harmful substances and mosquitoes from entering the tank from airborne dust, ensuring that the water quality is not contaminated by external factors and breeding red insects.

        科學(xué)的水流設計使罐底的沉淀 物不因水流而翻起,保證生活用水和消防用水自然分層,經(jīng) 罐體出來(lái)的生活用水的混濁度降低 48.5% ;但水壓卻明顯的增加。有利于提高生活用水和消防用水設施的性能。

        Scientific water flow design prevents the sediment at the bottom of the tank from flipping up due to water flow, ensuring natural stratification of domestic and fire water. The turbidity of domestic water discharged from the tank is reduced by 48.5%; But the water pressure has significantly increased. Beneficial for improving the performance of domestic and firefighting water facilities.


        Stainless steel wine storage tanks are lightweight and have small wind loads; A stainless steel spherical water storage tank with a capacity of 10 cubic meters weighs only over 360 kilograms, which is only 1/38 of the weight of a cement tank. It has a small wind load, a beautiful appearance, and can also be used in conjunction with advertisements. It is an environmentally friendly product.


        4、 Daily maintenance of stainless steel wine storage tanks:


        Stainless steel wine storage tanks do not require frequent cleaning; The sediment in the water can be discharged by regularly opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Simple equipment can be used to remove scale every 3 years, greatly reducing cleaning costs and avoiding human bacterial and viral contamination.


        5、 Quality standard for stainless steel wine storage tanks:


        Design, manufacturing, supervision, and inspection execution:

        1. SFDA 《藥品生產(chǎn)質(zhì)量管理規范》2010年版

        1. SFDA "Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs" 2010 edition


        2. Design Code for Clean Plants in the Pharmaceutical Industry (GB50457-2008)

        3. GMP藥品生產(chǎn)自動(dòng)化管理規范

        3. GMP Drug Production Automation Management Specification

        4. GB150.1~150.4-2011《鋼制壓力容器》

        4. GB150.1-150.4-2011 Steel Pressure Vessels

        5. NB/T47003.1-2009《鋼制焊接常壓容器》

        5. NB/T47003.1-2009 Steel Welded Atmospheric Pressure Vessels

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