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      If you are a bar, a singing hall, or even a restaurant, the profit margin of alcoholic beverages is very high. The vending machine of alcoholic beverages is sold through scene marketing, and users can increase their alcohol tolerance after drinking. In fact, the indirect increase is the increase in sales of your alcoholic beverages, and this hidden profit is the pain point of the store.

        售酒機賣(mài)的白酒是否會(huì )跟自釀酒一樣,產(chǎn)生變質(zhì)?

      Will the Baijiu sold by the liquor vending machine deteriorate like the self brewed liquor?


      Fermentation and spoilage are essentially the same, but the consequences are much worse. The former is beneficial, while the latter is fatal. You are not in this industry, so it is not recommended to make trouble, after all, life is at stake.



      1. Good sealing performance. It has functions such as high efficiency, energy saving, fast and time-saving, minimal alcohol loss, computer control, preset timing, and automatic odor removal, making the wine clean, pure, and comfortable in taste.


      2. Let consumers feel the comprehensive "Chinese drinking art, wine culture, and food culture", and promote the inheritance and health preservation of Chinese culture. The automatic vending machine has stable performance, simple operation, and is suitable for every family who loves drinking alcohol. The biggest characteristics of this product are simplicity, simplicity, speed, time-saving, and minimal alcohol loss.

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